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Environmental solution-OIL

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Non-filter oil mist collector OMC-11

Energy saving yet high power!
Designed small and light weight



Type Specifications
Non-filter Energy saving



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Model OMC-11
Max. air flow 8/10m3/min
Collection efficiency Min. 83%±5%
Particle diameter 2µm or larger
Rated voltage (50/60Hz) 3-phase, 200VAC 50Hz / 200 - 220VAC 60Hz 
Rated motor output 0.2kW(2P)
Rated current consumption*1 1.0/1.3-1.3A or less
Working temperature 0 to +40℃
Working humidity Max. 85%RH, Free from condensation
Noise 77dB(A)
Max. suction air temp. +50℃
Conformity to standards Environmental standard RoHS
Suction port diameter Ø123mm
Color Ivory (10GY9/1 equivalent)
Weight 13.0kg
Drain port Ø18 pipe
*1 Measured value at the time of the ambient air temperature of 25℃.



  1. Oil-carrying air is inhaled through the air intake from underneath of MISTCATCH by its rapidly spinning
    vane attached to the motor shaft.
  2. The inhaled air flow is then accelerated by centrifugal force when passing
    through the numerous pores of the vane and collides against the inner wall of MISTCATCH housing. This separates oil particles from the outgoing air.
  3. By air spirals around the wall, oil particles sit on the inner wall drip along the wall surface down to the slits to be discharged from the drain pipe.
  4. The cleaned air is returned to the atmosphere out of the air outlet.



Max. air flow


A complete set of supply

Oil Mist Collector : 1 unit Ø32 Drain hose : 2m long Drain hose band : 1 pc. Instruction manual : 1 copy

Collection efficiency

Test oil : Water-insoluble cutting oil
Measuring instrument : Low volume air sampler type AN-200


Dimensional drawing


Mounting hole processing


Vane construction



Optional parts for OMC-11


Duct flange, Duct hose, Antiscattering cover , etc.


・This product is intended for collecting general watersoluble and oil mist that generates during production process using various machine tools. Never have it inhale the following substances.
 - Ignition sources and fire sparks generated in machine processing,
 - Flammable substances such as gasoline, thinner, benzin, kerosene and others as well as oil and cleaning liquid with an ignition point 80 degrees C or below,
 - Explosive substances such as aluminium, magnesium and titan as well as materials ridden with those substances,
 - Flammable liquid, mist and materials ridden with these substances,
 - Corrosive and adhesive substances and hazardous gas or air with a lot of unusual substances
 - Large amount of dust or cutting chips
 - Hot air exceeding 80 deg. C.
 - Large amount of liquid,
 - Substances that remarkably accelerate rusting of metals or aging of plastics

・This product should not be used in an atmosphere which contains chlorine, sulfuric or fluorine gasses, oxalic acid, xylene, or methyl tetrachloride and the like.
・Do not use this product in a corrosive atmosphere.
・Tampering or repairing the product should be strictly avoided. Please contact us for repairing service.
・Do not operate the product with its terminal box uncovered.
・Never touch the motor while the unit is in operation. Do not put your fingers or foreign matters into the rotating part of Turbo Fan.
・Indoor use only. The altitude of the site of use should be lower than 1000 m.
・The site of use should be free from vibration or impact.
・Make sure that the packaging is not damaged on delivery.
・Use this product within the temperature range from 0℃ to +40℃ and humidity not exceeding 85%RH (no condensation).
・Impact, vibration or excess load should be avoided during transportation.
・Precision apparatuses should not be arranged near the exhaust port where fine particles may fall on.