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Basic principles

Corporate philosophy

Aiming at constant improvement of corporate value by fusing creative development, customers' trust and quality personnel

Quality policy

We offer outstanding products and services for continual improvement of customers’ trust and satisfaction

To achieve this quality policy, the management appoints a quality control manager so the Quality Assurance Department has a central role in establishing a quality management system, keeping all employees informed of it, maintaining it and making continuous efforts for improvement of it.

Our quality management system includes ;

  1. Each operating division sets a quality target every year and develops a plan to achieve it.
  2. We observe all the related laws and regulations, understand the present and future customers’ requirements and make our best effort to satisfy them beyond expectations of the customers.
  3. We prepare resources necessary for functioning the quality management system effectively, assign them properly and create environment where all the related personnel can take part in.
  4. Quality management system shall fulfill its potentiality by full participation of the related personnel. We make an effort to keep those related personnel well informed of the quality manual and the related documents as well as the quality policy so they can perform work in accordance with the quality policy.
  5. We make an effort for continuous improvement of effectiveness of the quality management system.
  6. We review the quality policy for its appropriateness from time to time.

Environment policy

As a part of society, we work on environment-conscious activities in every aspect of our business

OHM Electrc has its headquater in a rich natural environment including Lake Hamanako.
We have been developing activities of designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing cutting-edge automatic control devices, machinery peripheral equipment and wiring parts to contribute to industrial rationalization and productivity improvement.
As a part of society, we work on environment-conscious activities in every aspect of our business

Our activities toward environment preservation

  1. We recognize environmental impacts on our business activity and set an environmental objective within technically and financially permissible range to promote reduction of environment load and pollution prevention.
  2. In consideration of the environmental effects caused by our business activity, we will focus on the following points and review such environment management activities regularly for continuous improvement.
    1) Produce environment-conscious products
    2) Work on recycling and reducing wastes for prevention of resource depletion
  3. We observe the related laws and regulations, customers’ requirements and other requirements we agreed.
  4. This environmental policy shall be published on our website so as to be easily accessible to all the relevant personnel.

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