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Environmental solution-OIL

Option for OMC-F series

Optional accessories and maintenance parts for Filter type OMC-F series


Options list

Part name Part number
A Primary filter OMC-F105-F10 OMC-F110-F10 OMC-F120-F10
B Secondary filter OMC-F105-F20 OMC-F110-F20 OMC-F120-F20
C Tertiary filter OMC-F105-F30 OMC-F110-F30 OMC-F120-F30
D After Filter OMC-F105-F40-2 OMC-F110-F40-2 OMC-F120-F40-2
E Replacement filter for After Filter OMC-AF-335L OMC-AF-500L
F Chip Separator OMC-F105A-CS OMC-F110A-CS OMC-F120A-CS
G Replacement filter for Swarf Separator OMC-F105-CS-F00 OMC-F110-CS-F00 OMC-F120-CS-F00
H Mounting stand OMC-PDS01
I Wheels for Mounting stand OMC-PDS01-CAS
J Adjuster foot for Mounting stand OMC-PDS01-AJF
K Adjuster foot fixing plate OMC-PDS01-AJF-ST
L Motor OMC-F105-M40-TF OMC-F110-M75-TF OMC-F120-M150-TF
M Antivibration rubber OMC-F1-BG01
For the items marked with, see Common parts.

Dimensional drawing

A After Filter


Part number A B C D
OMC-F105-F40-2 340 100 414 813
OMC-F110-F40-2 340 90 460 938
OMC-F120-F40-2 505.2 120 570 1088

H Mounting stand


Part number A B C D E
OMC-PDS01 600 500 100 544 444
OMC-PDS02 850 640 105 795 585

J Adjuster foot for Mounting stand


K Adjuster foot fixing plate


M Antivibration rubber