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Option Auto-cleaning unit for OMC-N

Dramatically extends the interval of your maintenance works!
Automatically injected water keeps the collection unit of MISTCATCH OMC-N3 clean



  • Cleaning takes place without interrupting oil mist collector's operation.
  • No air piping works required. Easy installation.
  • Control unit can be separately placed.
  • Large tank capacity of 20L & High-lift pump of max. 3m
  • Applicable to wide voltage range from 100V to 240V AC
  • Easy-to-read digital display




Rated voltage Single phase 100 to 240VAC
Rated power consumption Approx. 60W (during pump operation)
Working temperature 0 to 40℃
Working humidity 85% RH or less, free from condensation
Injection amount (at 1m lift) Approx. 8 mL/sec.
Injection time (fixed value) 0.5 sec.
Stand-by time 10 to 199 min. (Default 20 min.)
Max. lift height 3m
Washing liquid Water (0 to +40℃, ice-free)
Water supply by Tank (20L)
Operation Timer operation (Default: Spraying water for 0.5 sec. every 20 minutes)
Conformity to standards Environment RoHS2
Power cable length 3m
Applicable models OMC-N2** and OMC-N2**H
(in mm)
Control unit *1 W135×H163×D120
Tank W360×H415×D206
Weight Control unit *1 2.5kg
Tank 1.5kg
Remark *: Pump, Float switch and Power cable are excluded.

Product configuration

  • Expanded view of Injection nozzle


  • The pump is activated according to the time setting of the control unit to feed water in the tank to the MISTCATCH.
  • Water is sprayed from the center part of Collection Unit of MISTCATCH.
  • Turbo Fan accelerates the speed of water droplets to collide them against the inner wall of Collection Unit.
  • With periodical water injection, dirt accumulation in the Collection Unit is prevented.

Verification of use effect

The following pictures show how effectively the dirt accumulation and decrease of airflow as its result were prevented by using the auto-cleaning unit.

【Test conditions】
Model: OMC-N210H, Workpiece: Aluminum, Cutting oil: Water-soluble, Operating time: 20 hours/day, Lifting height: 3m
*Operation time of Auto-cleaning unit: 0.5 sec. every 20 minutes


A complete set of supply

OMC-ATW-N2-AW: 1 unit Ø 6mm tube (black) of 550mm long: 1 pc.
20 liter tank: 1 pc. Hose joint: 1 pc. Check valve: 1 pc. Quick joint: 1 pc.
Hose band: 1 pc. Injection nozzle: 1 pc. M4x15 screw: 2 pcs. 
Instruction manual: 1 copy

Dimensional drawing


・This product has been designed to clean the Collection Unit of MISTCATCH OMC-N series. Never use it for any other purposes than original intention.
・Do not operate this product with its cover open.
・Never tamper or repair the product. Please contact us if repairing need arises.
・Avoid using this product at a place where it is largely affected by vibration or impact or a place where it is exposed to water or oil.
・Working environment should be within the temperature range from 0 to 40 deg.C with humidity range from 35 to 85%RH, free from condensation.
・Supply the rated voltage only.
・Electrical connection should be done via an appropriate circuit breaker.
・Do not use this product with other mist collectors than our OMC-N2 series.
・Apply one product to one MISTCATCH OMC-N2. Connecting to two or more units can be a cause of failure.
・Electric works required for installation should be done by professionals or qualified personnel.