Cable gland

Wiring accessories

OA-W Product Family (Liquid-tight)

CAPCON OA-W Standard RoHS complied

CAPCON OA-W Standard

Versatile product availability! Wide range of cable diameters from 2 to 30 mm.
For protecting and clamping cables in variety of wiring requirements in control panels, junction boxes and limit switches

CAPCON OA-W Multiple RoHS complied

CAPCON OA-W Multiple

Clamps up to 4 cables multiply
For multiple sensor cables (OA-W16 and W22)

CAPCON OA-W Splittable RoHS complied

CAPCON OA-W Splittable

Waterproofing a cable with connector on top will no longer be a problem. This makes it easy with the splittable body and the lock nut with a gap.
For clamping and waterproofing a cable with connector

CAPCON OA-W Slitted RoHS complied

CAPCON OA-W スリットタイプ

For connector cables at entry/exit ports. Reduces working time!
For cable exits where multiple cables come out (OA-W16 & OA-W22)
For CVD and CVT cable exits (OA-W28 & OA-W36)

CAPCON OA-W Closed end RoHS complied

CAPCON OA-W Closed end

Suitable for spare holes. Simply cut off the closed end for using as a standard type.
A hole shroud for control panels, terminal boxes etc

CAPCON OA-W Long-bodied RoHS complied

CAPCON OA-W Long-bodied

Allows installation to up to 8mm thickness
Suitable for mounting to thick plates or mounting with spacers

CAPCON OA-W Elbow Service Branch for CTG16 RoHS complied

CAPCON OA-W Elbow Service Branch for CTG16

Offers good protection where cables are routed a right angle.
For routing wiring at a right angle using with other Cable gland with CTG16 screws

CAPCON OA-W Metallic RoHS complied

CAPCON OA-W Metallic

Excellent anti-rust performance because of zinc die-cast manufacturing with nickel plating
For cable exits where mechanical strength is required

CAPCON OA-W Metallic Slim RoHS complied

CAPCON OA-W Metallic Slim

Versatile product lineup covers wide cable sizes ranging from 2 mm to 10 mm diameters!
For cable exits of small motors, sensors, probe heads and measuring instrument


OA-1 Product Family

CAPCON OA-1 Standard RoHS complied

CAPCON OA-1 Standard

Long selling Cable gland! Accepts wide-ranging cable sizes.
For cable exits of control panels, junction boxes, limit switches, motors and many others.

CAPCON OA-1 USU for Thin Steel Conduit RoHS complied

CAPCON OA-1 USU for Thin Steel Conduit

For thin steel CTC19 threaded conduit end and exits of wall metal electrical boxes
For thin steel and CTC19 threaded cable conduit.
For cable exits of outlet boxes, switch boxes, etc.

CAPCON OA-SD for small valves RoHS complied

CAPCON OA-1 SD for small valves

Well suited to secure DIN standard small electromagnetic valves.
Electromagnetic valves connections in DIN standard terminal boxes.
Pg11 specifications within DIN standard





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