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Climate control equipment

Product outline

Air-to-Air heat exchanger BOXFAN

Highly efficient heat exchange takes place by the originally radiation fin
Keeps dust and moisture out and lower the temperature inside the panel close to the outside temperature.

Operating principle

Heated air inside the enclosure and cool outside air make flow in mutually opposite directions along the BOXFAN's specially designed fin to realize efficient heat exchange.

Endure harsh environment

Blocks dust, oil mist and moisture! Best suited for thermal management of CNC control panels, robots and measuring devices working in a harsh environment where powder dusts from metal processing or grinding works are suspended in the air.

Metal working factory

Welding shop

Meets the global standards

All standard series and OC-153H-A100/A200CE of compact type are UL-listed.
CE-marked models are also available.

Top brand in Japan with diversified lineup

Standard type - Internal mounting
  • OC-17-A100/A200
  • OC-12-A100/A200
  • OC-15-A100/A200
  • OC-28-A100/A200
  • OC-31-A100/A200
  • OC-30-A100/A200
  • OC-20-A100/A200
  • OC-37-A100/A200
  • OC-40-A100/A200
Standard type - External mounting
  • OC-17S-A100/A200
  • OC-12S-A100/A200
  • OC-15S-A100/A200
  • OC-28S-A100/A200
  • OC-31S-A100/A200
  • OC-30S-A100/A200
  • OC-20S-A100/A200
  • OC-37S-A100/A200
  • OC-40S-A100/A200
Compact type
  • OC-153H-A100/A200
  • OC-201L-DC24V
  • OC-0810HIL/0820HIL
CE-marked - Internal mounting
  • OC-12-A200-CE
  • OC-28-A200-CE
  • OC-37-A200-CE
CE-marked - External mounting
  • OC-12S-A200-CE
  • OC-28S-A200-CE
  • OC-37S-A200-CE