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Cable holder for robots - CC Holder

Release on November 12, 2021

Lightens dynamic load on cables and air hoses in robot motion!

Diameter variable holder moves flexibly so as to reduce dynamic load. OHM launched the Ideal cable holder "CC Holder" for robots!

These holders can be fixed with band in different ways. No worry about displacement. Choose the one best-suited to your application from three designs.

Full of functions! Lightens load caused by bending or twisting movements of a robot

Holding diameter is variable to fit different size of objects

Projections inside holder secure the tube

Simply release the holder with a screwdriver

Holder moves flexibly

Holder state changes by rotating dome nut

Optional rubber bushing for cables and tubes

Positional shift preventing anti-slip packing

Available from two different heights

Positional shift prevention rib that allows banding in multiple ways

Plate type enables direct mounting of junction boxes and other parts


Model Diameter of
gripped part
Installation Holder/Stand design Working temp. Color Weight Q'ty
per pack
NEW CH-TM1 Ø 80 Fixed with
banding bands
Ø 20
-25 to +80℃ Black 15g 5 pcs.
NEW CH-TM2 16g
NEW CH-TM3 Flat plate with a pilot hole
for M4 tapping