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Plugging bar

Release on September 22, 2021

Suitable for filling spare holes and waterproofing!
All 20 sizes are applicable from Ø 2.2 to Ø 20.0 in hole diameter. 

14 sizes are newly added to plugging bar, which fills a hole of rubber bushing.

Just fit for CAPCON, QUICK CAP and JOIBOX and used for wide range of purpose.

Color is Black only. Usable for oilproof and weatherproof environment.
You can choose suitable size according to your application.

For wide range of purpose

Just fit for CAPCON, QUICK CAP and JOIBOX.

※Protection category IP67 when sealing holes

Anti falling lib

Prevents falling from rubber bushing.

Displayed diameter

Engraved the number on the surface shows the applicable hole diameter.
(excluding the model: BB-022S)


Model Applicable hole dia. Weight Q'ty/package
Model change BB-022S Ø 2.2 0.5g 10 pcs
NEW BB-025S Ø 2.5
NEW BB-030S Ø 2.0
Model change BB-033S Ø 3.3
Model change BB-040S Ø 4.0
Model change BB-050S Ø 5.0
Model change BB-060S Ø 6.0 1.0g
Model change BB-070S Ø 7.0
NEW BB-080S Ø 8.0
NEW BB-090S Ø 9.0 2.0g
NEW BB-100S Ø 10.0
NEW BB-110S Ø 11.0
NEW BB-115S Ø 11.5
NEW BB-120S Ø 12.0
NEW BB-130S Ø 13.0
NEW BB-140S Ø 14.0
NEW BB-150S Ø 15.0 3.0g
NEW BB-160S Ø 16.0 4.0g
NEW BB-190S Ø 19.0
NEW BB-200S Ø 20.0
For further details of this product, see Common option Plugging bar