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Model selection by environment

Model selection by environment

Our wiring parts are available in two types of oilproof and weatherproof. Choose the appropriate type to your environment.


Suitable for use in oily atomosphere

Use environment Oil mist suspending air
Places where directly exposed to oil droplets from machines
Place/Application Press machine, milling machine, NC lathe, machining center, Machine tools that use processing oil like wire EDM, washing machine after processing, coolant tank, oil recovery machine, etc.
Model designation
Not accompanied by E
Ex. OA-W1606 / OA-W16-0901RS / OA-QW09S-2 / OA-QW09SRSN / JB-W305
Material Rubber bushing, O-ring: NBR
Special note Using an oilproof type product in a non-oily environment can lead to a significant deterioration of rubber parts and disfigurement like cracking, curing or tearing

Rubber bushing, O-ring: Black color


Suitable for use in non-oily atmosphere or outdoor

Use environment Environment free from oil or oil particles, outdoor exposed to rain, ozone and ultra violet
Place/Application Food machinery, conveyer, plant equipment, solar equipment, robot, clean room,
railroad facility, ship, electric power board, communication board, etc.
Model designation
Accompanied by E
Ex. OA-W1606E / OA-W16-0901RSE / OA-QW09SE-2 / OA-QW09SRSEN / JB-W305E
Material Rubber bushing, O-ring: EPDM
Special note Using a weatherproof type product in an oily environment can lead to a significant deterioration of rubber parts and disfiguration like swelling or change in color.

Rubber bushing, O-ring: Blue color

Installation instructions

To use the product for a long time, pay attention to the following points.
  • Do not tighten the dome nut excessively when securing cables.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.

When the product is installed in a place exposed to water or oil, take a necessary measure not to allow entry of water or oil along the cable(s).
  1. Do not direct the cable entry port upward.
  2. Provide a weathered slope for the cable before the cable entry port.





  • Use the products within the specified range only.
  • Dimensional changes of the material due to water absorption, etc. can affect fitting condition of the screwing parts even in the range of specified working temperature.
  • Avoid using the products at a place where people can step on it.
  • Do not paint the product.
  • Do not use in water or oil. (IP67 means it is protected against dust and temporary submersion in water)

Do not use or store the products under the following conditions.
  1. Outside the range of working humidity and temperature
  2. Water vapor contained or high temperature/humidity air
  3. Acidic, alkaline or organic solvent-containing air