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Wiring accessories

OA-W Slit type

Slit rubber bushing enables clamping connector cables at entry/exit ports

キャプコンOA-Wシリーズ スリットタイプ


Protection category Color Adaptability Number of holes
IP67 Black/Light gray/Beige Oilproof/Weatherproof 1 to 4


【W3/8G・W16・W22type】For LAN, optical and sensor cables, multiple or other end-processed cables
【W28・W36type】     For CVD and CVT cables


Oilproof type Rubber bushing : Black O-ring : Black

Model Max. connector size Applicable cable dia.
of holes
Entry hole dia.
Thread Max. plate thickness Weight* Q'ty per package
Black Light gray Beige
OA-W3/8G-04/09RS OA-W3/8G-04/09RSC1 OA-W3/8G-04/09RSB Ø11 Ø4 - 9① 1 Ø17 G3/8 4mm 12g
OA-W3/8G-06/09RS OA-W3/8G-06/09RSC1 OA-W3/8G-06/09RSB Ø6 - 9 11g
OA-W3/8G-09/11RS OA-W3/8G-09/11RSC1 OA-W3/8G-09/11RSB Ø9 - 11 10g
OA-W3/8G-0334RS OA-W3/8G-0334RSC1 OA-W3/8G-0334RSB Ø2.2 - 3.3 4 12g
OA-W3/8G-0402RS OA-W3/8G-0402RSC1 OA-W3/8G-0402RSB Ø3 - 4 2 12g
OA-W16-0901RS OA-W16-0901RSC1 OA-W16-0901RSB Ø14 Ø4 - 9① 1 Ø21 CTG16
4 mm 14g 20 pcs.
OA-W16-1151RS OA-W16-1151RSC1 OA-W16-1151RSB Ø8.5 - 11.5 12g
OA-W16-1301RS OA-W16-1301RSC1 OA-W16-1301RSB Ø11 - 13 11g
OA-W16-0334RS OA-W16-0334RSC1 OA-W16-0334RSB Ø2.2 - 3.3 4 14g
OA-W16-0404RS OA-W16-0404RSC1 OA-W16-0404RSB Ø3 - 4
OA-W16-0503RS OA-W16-0503RSC1 OA-W16-0503RSB Ø4 - 5 3
OA-W22-0801RS OA-W22-0801RSC1 OA-W22-0801RSB Ø19 Ø5 - 8 1 Ø28 CTG22
6 mm 35g 10 pcs.
OA-W22-0604RS OA-W22-0604RSC1 OA-W22-0604RSB Ø5 - 6 4 36g
OA-W28-2001RS OA-W28-2001RSC1 OA-W28-2001RSB Ø23 Ø13 - 20② 1 Ø34 CTG28
5.5 mm 71g
OA-W28-0982RS OA-W28-0982RSC1 OA-W28-0982RSB Ø9.8 2 65g
OA-W28-0983RS OA-W28-0983RSC1 OA-W28-0983RSB 3 68g
OA-W36-1352RS OA-W36-1352RSC1 OA-W36-1352RSB Ø30 Ø13.5 2 Ø42 CTG36
(G1 1/4)
7.5 mm 107g 5 pcs.
OA-W36-1353RS OA-W36-1353RSC1 OA-W36-1353RSB 3 104g

Weatherproof type Rubber bushing : Blue O-ring : Blue

Model Max. connector size Applicable cable dia.
of holes
Entry hole dia.
Thread Max. plate thickness Weight* Q'ty per package
Black Light gray Beige
OA-W3/8G-04/09RSE OA-W3/8G-04/09RSEC1 OA-W3/8G-04/09RSEB Ø11 Ø4 - 9① 1 Ø17 G3/8 4mm 12g
OA-W3/8G-06/09RSE OA-W3/8G-06/09RSEC1 OA-W3/8G-06/09RESB Ø6 - 9 11g
OA-W3/8G-09/11RSE OA-W3/8G-09/11RSEC1 OA-W3/8G-09/11RSEB Ø9 - 11 10g
OA-W3/8G-0334RSE OA-W3/8G-0334RSEC1 OA-W3/8G-0334RSEB Ø2.2 - 3.3 4 12g
OA-W3/8G-0402RSE OA-W3/8G-0402RSEC1 OA-W3/8G-0402RSEB Ø3 - 4 2 12g
OA-W16-0901RSE OA-W16-0901RSEC1 OA-W16-0901RSEB Ø14 Ø4 - 9① 1 Ø21 CTG16
4 mm 14g 20 pcs.
OA-W16-1151RSE OA-W16-1151RSEC1 OA-W16-1151RSEB Ø8.5 - 11.5 12g
OA-W16-1301RSE OA-W16-1301RSEC1 OA-W16-1301RSEB Ø11 - 13 11g
OA-W16-0334RSE OA-W16-0334RSEC1 OA-W16-0334RSEB Ø2.2 - 3.3 4 14g
OA-W16-0404RSE OA-W16-0404RSEC1 OA-W16-0404RSEB Ø3 - 4
OA-W16-0503RSE OA-W16-0503RSEC1 OA-W16-0503RSEB Ø4 - 5 3
OA-W22-0801RSE OA-W22-0801RSEC1 OA-W22-0801RSEB Ø19 Ø5 - 8 1 Ø28 CTG22
6 mm 35g 10 pcs.
OA-W22-0604RSE OA-W22-0604RSEC1 OA-W22-0604RSEB Ø5 - 6 4 36g
OA-W28-2001RSE OA-W28-2001RSEC1 OA-W28-2001RSEB Ø23 Ø13 - 20② 1 Ø34 CTG28
5.5 mm 71g
OA-W28-0982RSE OA-W28-0982RSEC1 OA-W28-0982RSEB Ø9.8 2 65g
OA-W28-0983RSE OA-W28-0983RSEC1 OA-W28-0983RSEB 3 68g
OA-W36-1352RSE OA-W36-1352RSEC1 OA-W36-1352RSEB Ø30 Ø13.5 2 Ø42 CTG36
(G1 1/4)
7.5 mm 107g 5 pcs.
OA-W36-1353RSE OA-W36-1353RSEC1 OA-W36-1353RSEB 3 104g
Common : Working temperature -25 to +80℃ * Weight values are for Black color.
*Rubber bushing color for Weatherproof OA-W36 models is black.
Note : The applicable cable sizes marked with ① and ② change by combination of the rubber bushings.


①Applicable cable diameter(mm) ②Applicable cable diameter(mm)
Rubber bushing A+B Ø4 - 6 Ø13 - 16
Rubber bushing only Ø6 - 9 Ø16 - 20

Dimensional drawing




Cabtyre cable outer diameters

How to check suitability of connector and cable size for CAPCON

For detail dimensions, see "Max. connector size" and "Applicable cable diameter" in the Specifications table above.


  1. Process the mounting surface for making a hole or cut threads.
  2. Attach the cable gland CAPCON to it.


3. Remove the Dome nut, W-seal and Rubber bushing.


4. Run a connector cable through in order of the Dome nut, W-seal and Nipple.


5. Open the slit of Rubber bushing to let the cable in and then fit the W-seal.


6. Tighten the Dome nut to fasten cable securely

  • Use only one cable for one hole.
  • Tightening torque and tensile strength differ depending on the material of cable coating and its hardness.
  • Tensile strength and waterproof performance drops when outer cable diameter changes due to aging.
  • Product performance are not guaranteed for cables other than the applicable size or round cables.
  • For proper torque management of the locknut and the dome nut , fix the nipple with a wrench and tighten the Dome nut.


Rubber bushing

Plugging bar





*Do not step foot or put load on the product. Do not paint the product.
*Do not use this product in oil or water.
*To prevent deterioration, avoid using or storing this product under the following atmospheres.
  1. Outside the range of working humidity and temperature
  2. Water vapor contained or high temperature/humidity air
  3. Acidic, alkaline or organic solvent-containing air (See Technical Data "Chemical resistance")
For any other special environmental conditions, please contact us before use.
  • For Oilproof Type (Rubber color : black)
    Do not expose to direct and continuous sunlight.
    Suitable for oily environments.
    *For non-oily places, use Weatherproof type.
  • For Weatherproof Type (Rubber color : blue)
    Avoid using in oily environments.
    For non-oily indoor places, Weatherproof type is recommended.