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Oil mist collector MISTCATCH OMC-N3

Release on January 31, 2024

To the ultimate stage of energy saving!

Next generation oil mist collector
toward eco & clean future

OHM unveiled the brand new model MISTCATCH "OMC-N3" combining the supreme energy efficiency and performance!

Its optimum structural design pursuing the utmost simplicity realized high performance with small energy.

Totally redesigned OMC-N3

Lineup includes the 4 models with different airflow from 4.5/5m3 to 20/23m3/min. Significantly downsized from OMC-N2 series with keeping the same performance.

The stylish gray and black body fits with various machinery and makes dirt less noticeable.

Model OMC-N305 OMC-N305H OMC-N310 OMC-N310H OMC-N315 OMC-N315H OMC-N325 OMC-N325H
Max. airflow 4.5/5.0m3/min 8.0/10.0m3/min 12.5/15.0m3/min 20.0/23.0m3/min
Collection rate 99% or more 98% or more 99% or more 98% or more 99% or more 98% or more 99% or more 98% or more
Particle size 2μm or more 1μm or more 2μm or more 1μm or more 2μm or more 1μm or more 2μm or more 1μm or more

Cut energy up to 56%! Outstanding energy efficiency

Reduced up to 56% of energy use compared to our conventional products!
Redesigned the shape of the turbo fan for making airflow optimum airflow to achieve super-high energy efficiency without sacrificing airflow and collection performance.

High collection rate
The collection unit is designed to maximize the collision force for causing more collision. It enables to collect more particles without allowing fine particles to escape.

Small and light
Designed to make the airflow optimum.
Compact design of 40% smaller size and weight compared with our conventional products lightens worker's burden and require less space.

Good maintainability
Access doors on both sides and wide interior space facilitates your maintenance work. Magnet-type pre-filter is easy to detach and reattach.

Auto-cleaning unit
Use of the optional Auto-cleaning unit makes your maintenance interval much longer.
It cleans the collection unit automatically to cut the time, labor and cost for maintenance works.

Motor oil receiver
To prevent oil on the motor from dripping onto the machine, an oil receiver is newly provided.

Body color
Gray and Black colored body naturally into every machines.

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Launch date

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

For further details please contact us at info-cs@ohm.jp.

*The contents of this article are as of January 2024.