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Option Rubber bushing Slit type & Locknut

Release on October 17, 2023

Lineup expanded!

10 slit type rubber bushings and 1 locknut have been newly added to the option of wiring accessories.

Rubber bushing - Slit type

Model Applicable cable dia.(mm) Q'ty/pack Applicable products
Oilproof Weatherproof
G11-09RS G11-09RSE Ø4—9
10 pcs. OA-W3/8G-04/09(E)
G11-09ARS G11-09ARSE Ø6—9
G11-11RS G11-11RSE Ø9—11
G11-334RS G11-334RSE Ø2.2—3.3, 4 holes
G11-402RS G11-402RSE Ø3—4, 2 holes
See more details at → Rubber bushing


Model Specification Material Q'ty/pack Applicable products
LN-G3/8PB For G3/8 thread Nylon66
10 pcs. OA-05
LN-G3/8M Steel
(Trivalent chromate plated)
Note: The model of the following locknut is changed in conjunction with the release of the above new locknuts.
Previous model New model
LN-CTG3/8 LN-G3/8P
See more details at Locknut