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Liquidtight cable gland "CAPCON" OA-W Standard

Release on September 14, 2022

Lineup expanded!

CAPCON OA-W Standard type expanded its lineup.
The new product meets cable diameter from 21mm to 26mm with entry hole diameter of 42mm.

Available from three different colors for both of oilproof and weatherproof types.
Assures security and reliability with IP67 protective structure.

Standard type

Type Model Applicable cable diameter (mm) Entry hole diameter
Threads Mounting plate thickness Q'ty
per pack
Black Light gray Beige
Oilproof OA-W3626 OA-W3626C1 OA-W3626B Ø 21—26 Ø 42 CTG36 (G1 1/4) 7.5mm or less 5 pcs.
Weatherproof OA-W3626E OA-W3626EC1 OA-W3626EB
See more details at → CAPCON OA-W Standard type