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COOLCABI Wide range - Bottom flow models

Release on Jun. 1, 2022

Bottom flow models added to the enclosure cooler "COOLCABI" Wide range

We are happy to announce the upcoming launch of Bottom flow models to the "COOLCABI" new version with rich features including wide input voltage range, IoT and international usability.

  • The sale of current Bottom flow models will continue until Sep. 30, 2022.
  • For the new Bottom flow models, there is no plan for CE, UL and CCC approvals.


Type of mounting Current model New model Cooling capacity (W)*
Lateral mounting OCA-H300BC-A200-R OCA-H300BC-AW2-R 240/290
OCA-H600BC-A200-R OCA-H600BC-AW2-R 440/550
OCA-H1000BC-A200-R OCA-H1000BC-AW2-R 720/920
OCA-H1600BC-A200-R OCA-H1600BC-AW2-R 1290/1440
OCA-H2200BC-A200-R OCA-H2200BC-AW2-R 1880/2070
OCA-H2900BC-A200-R OCA-H2900BC-AW2-R 2370/2640
Remark (*): Nominal values when the temperatures both inside and outside enclosure are 35℃

See more details at → Non-fluorocarbon Bottom flow type - Wide range

Major specifications

  • Rated voltage: 200 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Communication function: RS485 (Modbus/RTU)

  • The new models are equivalent to current models in cooling capacity and outline dimensions. Panel cutout sizes are unchanged.

Launch date

Wednesday, June 1st, 2022

For further details please contact us at info-cs@ohm.jp.

*The contents of this article are as of May, 2022.