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Liquidtight cable gland CAPCON OA-W series Wide range Metric thread type

Release on May. 25, 2021

Meets broad range cable sizes!
Metric thread type added to CAPCON wide type!

New lineup added.
Highly useful for simplifying model selection and inventory management.

3 kinds of cable diameter, 2 colors (black/beige) and 2 types (oilproof/ weatherproof) are available.
You can select suitable model according to your application.

CE marked

CE marking is for M screw type only.
※Please contact us for CTG screw type.

Adopt global standard screw

Thread size is world standard metric screw.

Unequipped locknut

Locknut is unequipped for metric screw type.
※Please consult us when you need locknut for metric screw.

Meets broad range cable size in 1 model


Type Model Applicable cable dia.(mm) Entry hole
Threads Q'ty
per pack
Black Beige
Oilproof OA-WW16-04/12 OA-WW16-04/12B Ø 4-12 Ø 21 CTG16(G1/2) 20 pcs
Weatherproof OA-WW16-04/12E OA-WW16-04/12EB
Oilproof OA-WW16-08/15 OA-WW16-08/15B Ø 8-15
Weatherproof OA-WW16-08/15E OA-WW16-08/15EB
Oilproof OA-WW22-11/20 OA-WW22-11/20B Ø11-20 Ø 28 CTG22(G3/4) 10 pcs
Weatherproof OA-WW22-11/20E OA-WW22-11/20EB
Oilproof NEW OA-WW20M-04/12 NEW OA-WW20M-04/12B Ø4-12 Ø 21 M20×1.5 20 pcs
Weatherproof NEW OA-WW20M-04/12E NEW OA-WW20M-04/12EB
Oilproof NEW OA-WW20M-08/15 NEW OA-WW20M-08/15B Ø8-15
Weatherproof NEW OA-WW20M-08/15E NEW OA-WW20M-08/15EB
Oilproof NEW OA-WW25M-11/19 NEW OA-WW25M-11/19B Ø11-19 Ø 26 M25×1.5 10 pcs
Weatherproof NEW OA-WW25M-11/19E NEW OA-WW25M-11/19EB
For further details of this product, see Liquidtight cable gland CAPCON OA-W series Wide Range

Unique W-seal structure

Expanded the movable range of contraction by 2 step deformation of
W seal which compresses rubber bushing

Spiral contraction compresses rubber bushing evenly.