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Environmental solution-OIL

Product outline

Oil skimmer JET SKIMMER

Efficiently collects floating oil in the coolant tank. Battery-driven energy saving operation

Battery is charged while the machine is running. After the machine stops, oil comes up to the surface of the tank and JET SKIMMER runs on the battery to collect oil. This achieves energy saving and highly efficient operation.


No filter used! Drastically cut the running cost and zero emission of filter wastes

Energy saving & high collection rate

Battery is charged during the machine is in operation. Jet Skimmer collects floated oil after machine stop in timely manner. It makes collection efficiency 110 times higher than continuous running.

Quick operation check by microcomputer control

LED indicators show the operating conditions of Jet Skimmer including charging level or time for replacement of its battery.

Improved safety and reliability

Integrated current fuse assures safety in unattended operation at night.
Employed a belt specially designed for fine chip-laden coolant

Easy installation

Can be installed only by fixing two bolts!