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Enclosuer cooling unit “COOLCABI” standard series

April 25, 2019

OHM announces the end-of-sale of the standard series of enclosure cooler COOLCABI for integration into the Non-fluorocarbon series. We appreciate your custom on these products over the past years.

Affected product

Enclosure cooler "COOLCABI" Standard series

Affected model

Standard series - Lateral mounting
Standard series - Roof mounting
Standard series - Condensate-free
Standard series - Bottom flow

End-of-sale date

Starting from September 2019 and sales ends at the end of March,2020.
*Sales may end earlier than March 2020 due to the stock situation.


Please use COOLCABI Non-fluorocaobon series. The dimemsional drawing and mounting cutout remain the same as standard series.

End of support

End of March 2025 (including optional parts)
Please note that we may be unable to offer servicing before the above date
if necessary components become unavailable.


The models having suffixes "-A100", "-UL" and "-CN" are not discontinued.
For further details, please contact us or your supplier.
* The contents of this article are as of April 2019.