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Climate control equipment

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Self-winding filter for oil chillers

Keeps filter clean all the time by self-winding movement.
Eliminates time and trouble for filter maintenance!





Filter width 320mm 430mm 520mm
Filter length 4500mm
Collection rate *1 *2 35%
Initial pressure loss *1 8.1Pa
Rated voltage Single phase, 100-240 VAC
Rated current consumption 0.05A (100V AC) / 0.035A (240V AC)
Rated power consumption 2.5W
Mounting method Fitting by Clamp Stay/Magnet Stay
Filter incombustibility JACA No.11A-2003 Class 3
Working temperature 0 to +50℃
Working humidity Max. 80%RH, free from condensation
Function Winding length setting/Filter replacement warning/
Winding error warning/Winding overload warning
Power connection 3-core power cable, 2 m (conductor size 0.75 sq mm) , Finished outer dia. 7.3 mm
Fuse Cartridge glass tube fuse, normal blowout B-type, φ5.2 x 20 mm 250V 2A
Conformity to standards Environment - RoHS2 -
Color Black
Weight 1.4kg 1.6kg 1.8kg
*1 : Conforming to JIS9908 Type 3 (weighing method) at wind speed of 2.0 m/sec
*2 : By weighing method (Test powder JIS Z8901 type 15, dust density 1.0 g/min)

Filter specifications

The filter used in this product corresponds to JACA No.11A-2003 Class 3 inflammability test.
Class 3 Afterflame time
Afterglow time of all
test specimens (s)
Ignition of marking cotton
by melting droplets
Combustion distance of all
test specimens Ld (mm)
2s or less for 4/5 (≦2s)
10s or less for 1/5 (≦10s)
30s or less (≦30s) None 35mm or less (≦35)

Filter winding length

Setting of winding length can be made in 9 different levels to be suited to your specific needs.
Set value 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Winding length per day* 5.5mm 7.0mm 10.5mm 14.0mm 21.0mm 31.5mm 42.5mm 63.5mm 127.0mm
Days to complete winding up 720 days
approx. 2 years
540 days
approx. 1.5 years
360 days
approx. 1 year
270 days
approx. 9 months
180 days
approx. 6 months
120 days
approx. 4 months
90 days
approx. 3 months
60 days
approx. 2 months
30 days
approx. 1 month
* Winding length is divided into plural times.

Product lineup




OKF-AOC320-AW 320 mm wide 4500 mm long
OKF-AOC430-AW 430 mm wide 4500 mm long
OKF-AOC520-AW 520 mm wide 4500 mm long

A complete set of supply

Roll filter : 1 pc. M4 screw : 8 pcs., Aluminum pipe for Filter Guide : 2 pcs.,
Warning description label : 1 pc., Set value reference label : 1 pc., 
Filter replacement instructions label : 1 pc., Instruction manual (JPN/ENG) : 1 copy

Consumable parts

Replacement filter Applicable product

Dimensional drawing

Model A B C D
OKF-AOC320-AW 320 435 380 175
OKF-AOC430-AW 430 545 490 285
OKF-AOC520-AW 520 635 580 375

Fixing method

Optional Clamp Stays and/or Magnet Stays are required to install this product (Unable to fix it without fittings).
This product can be installed by using either Clamp Stay or Magnet Stay only or by using both of them.
Clamp Stay (Option)

Part No. OKF-CS320-01 OKF-CS430-01 OKF-CS520-01
Applicable model OKF-AOC320-AW OKF-AOC430-AW OKF-AOC520-AW
Fixation method Clamping
Attachment to product Screw fixing with 4 M4 screws
Conformity RoHS2
Color Black
Weight 1.0 kg
Accessories Wing bolt M5 x 65 2 pcs., Square nut M5 2 pcs.
Purchase unit 1 pc.

Part No. A B C D E
OKF-CS320-01 345 395 426.5 435 250
OKF-CS430-01 455 505 536.5 545 360
OKF-CS520-01 545 595 626.5 635 450
Magnet Stay (Option)

Part No. OKF-MS01
Applicable model OKF-AOC320-AW OKF-AOC430-AW OKF-AOC520-AW
Fixation method By magnets
Attachment to product Screw fixing with 2 M4 screws
Conformity RoHS2
Color Black
Weight 0.3 kg (2 pcs/set)
Accessories Wing bolt M5 x 30 2 pcs., Square nut M5 2 pcs.
Purchase unit 2 pcs/set

Dimensional drawing

Model A B
OKF-AOC320-AW 352 288
OKF-AOC430-AW 462 398
OKF-AOC520-AW 552 488

Combination of fixing tools

Choose the winding direction, fixing tools and layout from the followings that suit your oil chiller’s shape and installation space.
※Other combinations not listed herein are invalid.
Fixing tools

①Vertical arrangement

②Horizontal arrangement

Fixing tools

③Vertical arrangement

④Horizontal arrangement

Fixing tools

⑤Vertical arrangement

⑥Horizontal arrangement

Fixing tools

⑦Vertical arrangement

⑧Horizontal arrangement

Model numbers

Both of Winding Case and Filter Case require respective stays. Please make sure to include the stays when purchasing.
KURU KURU Filter Clamp Stay Magnet Stay
OKF-AOC430-AW OKF-CS430-01
OKF-AOC520-AW OKF-CS520-01

Installation space

Orientation of Winding Case


・Do not use this product in a place where flammable or corrosive gasses, oil fume or any matters that can destroy insulation generate or permeate.
・Do not use this product in a place where ignition sources or fire sparks generate.
・Do not use this product in a place where large amount of oil mist, liquid or vapor generates.
・The site of use should be free from vibration and impact.
・Indoor use only. The altitude of the site of use should be lower than 1000 m.
・Never tamper or repair the product. If you need repairing, please contact us.
・Make sure that the packaging is not damaged on delivery. Any packaging damage can lead to breakdown of the product. Please contact us immediately if any damage is found.