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Climate control equipment

Product outline

Drain evaporator EVAPRO

EVAPRO eliminates troublesome drainage treatment for cooling units
Available from 3 evaporation methods

3 different evaporation methods you can choose

Vaporization type with absorbent filter

Simplified structure to evaporate condensate water only by sending air

Air inhaled by the fan is sent to the Absorbent filter to evaporate water there passing through the filter. Filter replacement time is readily visible and replacement can be done easily. Small-sized, light weight and low energy consumption. Most suitable to thermoelectric coolers/dehumidifiers.

Ultrasonic atomization type

Ultrasonic vibrator atomizes drain water

Ultrasonic vibrator breaks up of water into droplets to discharge it into the air, where those atomized particles evaporate. Processes 650ml water per hour (at 30℃,60%RH) with only one-seventh energy consumption of heater type.

Heater type

Most powerful processing power in the series

Heater type can process drain water up to 10000ml per hour (at 30℃,60%RH). Suitable for an application where large amount of water is discharged. Dual protection against over heating with thermostat and thermal fuse.

Reference chart for selection

Model OCJ-F002-D24 OCJ-F004-D24 OCJ-M030-AW OCJ-M060-AW OCJ-1201
Processing method Vaporization type with absorbent filter Ultrasonic atomization type Heater type
Processing power *1 20ml/h 40ml/h 320ml/h 650ml/h 1000ml/h
Rated voltage 24VDC±10% Single phase, 100V-240VAC±10% Single phase, 200VAC±10%
Power consumption 1.5W *2 3W *2 5W *2 5W *2 900W *3
Weight 0.6kg 0.9kg 4.8kg 6.5kg 12.0kg
Remarks)*1: at 30℃ temp. and 60%RH humidity, *2: Max. value within the working humidity range, *3: Rated value