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Climate control equipment

Compact type

Big capacity in small body!
Simplified model with no microcontroller



Environment of use Dehumidification method Specifications
Indoor Thermoelectric Small-sized




Model ODE-1512D
Dehumidification capacity *1 15ml/h
Rated voltage 12VDC
Current consumption 5.0A
Starting current 5.2A
Working temperature +10 to +60℃, ice-free
Working humidity Max. 95%RH
Overheat protection on radiation side None
Operation mode Continuous run
Vibration tolerance Vibration frequency 10 to 55Hz, Total amplitude 0.7mm
Cycle 5 min., X,Y, Z direction 25 min. each
Power connection Screw terminal board
Conformity to standards Environment RoHS
Dimensions (mm)*2 W65×H104×D109
Weight 500g
*1 Nominal value when ambient temperatures is +30℃ and humidity is 80%RH
*2 Cooling fin may ice up when ambient temperature is as low as around +10℃, which will decline dehumidification performance of BOXDRY.
*3 This product is for continuous run only and have no function like energy saving mode, low temperature dehumidification or error detection.
  • Supply voltage should be within the specified range with fluctuation not exceeding ±5%.

Product lineup



Dehumidification capacity


A complete set of supply

BOXDRY : 1 unit Screws M3×6 : 2 pcs. Drain hose Ø8~Ø11 : 1 pc. 1.5 m long 
Instruction manual : 1 copy
Dehumidification capability of BOXDRY is determined by inner volume of the enclosure to which it is applied. The intersection of the vertical axis and the performance curve shows the dehumifificaiton capability. Use of 2 units doubles the inner volume.

Dehumidification characteristics chart


Performance by internal volume (in cont. run)


Note : The chart shows correlation of internal humidity and enclosure inner volume under the condition at 100%RH and 30℃ temperature outside the enclosure provided that the enclosure has no vent having a hermetically sealed door which is not opened more than one time a day.

Dimensional drawing


Structural drawing


Installation drawing


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・This product is designed to be installed in an enclosure.
・Make sure that the enclosure is hermetically sealed with no vent.
・Do not use this product in a place where flammable or corrosive gasses or any matters that can destroy insulation generate or permeate.
・The site of use should be free from vibration and impact.
・Electrical works required for installation of this product should be done only by professionals or qualified personnel.
・install BOXDRY perpendicularly within 1 degree angular tolerance.
・Pay attention in attaching the drain hose (accessory). Bent or clogged hose causes trouble in drainage, which may lead to water leak into the enclosure.
・Make sure that the packaging is not damaged on delivery and contact your supplier.Any packaging damage may be a cause of breakdown.