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Climate control equipment

Wire harness for BOXCOOL


Dimensional drawing

AC wiring harness WH-A-M4-2


Temperature controller wiring harness WH-C2



DC wiring harness WH-P-M4-2, WH-P-M5-2, WH-F-M4-2, WH-F-M5-2


Part number Lead wire color Ring terminal on DC output side
WH-P-M4-2 Red and Black M4
WH-P-M5-2 Red and Black M5
WH-F-M4-2 Red and White M4
WH-F-M5-2 Red and White M5


・This product is specifically designed for the thermoelectric cooler BOX COOL products. Do not use it for any other purposes.
・Do not use this product in a place where flammable or corrosive gasses, oil fume or any matters that can destroy insulation generate or permeate.
・Indoor use only.
・Make sure that the packaging is not damaged on delivery. Any packaging damage can lead to breakdown of the product. Please contact us immediately if any damage is found.