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Climate control equipment

Product outline

Thermoelectric cooler BOXCOOL

Environment-friendly thermoelectric cooler
BOXCOOL is a thermoelectric cooler using Peltier modules. No refrigerant is used.

Peltier module

A Peltier module is a thermal control module consisting of multiple thermoelectric cooling elements(p-n junction) electrically connected in series. Cooling effect of thermoelectric cooling elements changes in proportion to the current and the number of chips (semicondustors).
By expanding the system, highly precise temperature control is realized.

【Peltier effect】
Peltier effect was discovered by a French physicist Jean C. A. Peltier in 1834 based on the principle that energy flows in a direction opposite to electron flow.
The thermoelectric cooling element found by Peltier has a property that one side of it is cooled and the other side is heated when a direct current is applied. For such property, thermoelectric cooling elements can be utilized as a cooling device that absorbs and exhaust heat by combining them.

Low noise, low vibration

By Peltier-used cooling method, BOXCOOL has realized low-noise and low vibration compared to conventional compressor-used coolers.
Ideal for cooling precision equipment.

Condensate-free type

Built-in drain evaporator eliminates the trouble of condensate management. Achieves safe and the most efficient evaporation by controlling water temperature below 55℃ using a thermostat.

Salt damage resistant type for outdoor use

All metallic plates exposed to open air are made of stainless steel and the outer cover is powder-coated.
High rust proofing design assures good performance even in salt damage areas.