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1959 Founded in Hamamatsu, Japan
1961 Capitalized a firm at 1.0 MIL Yen
1962 Launched cable gland CAPCON OA-1
1963 Launched electric brake OB Brake
1964 Relocated factory to Sumiyoshi, Hamamatsu
Increased capital to JPY 2.0 MIL
1971 Launched microswitch insulation cover MICRO CASE
1972 Registered CAPCON at US Patent Office
1973 Starts up Nagoya Factory
1974 Approved for construction business by the govenor of Shizuoka Pref.
Launched component fitting part RESLOCK
Launched cable tie OHM Band
1975 Increased capital to JPY 20.0 MIL
1976 Launched programmable controller PIMCO
1977 Launched positioning controller OD Series
1978 Opened Osaka Office
1980 Opened Tokyo Office
Launched CAPCON OA-P (TOMEI CAP at present)
1981 Launched CAPCON OA-Q (Insulation cap at present)
Launched CAPCON OA-W series
1984 Increased capital to JPY 50.0 MIL
Launched heat Exchanger BOXFAN
1985 Launched push-in connector OK-Con
1986 Spun off Sheet Metal Div. into a separate company (OHMEX)
Launched ultra-compact controller ODC series
1987 Launched panel lock DOOR LOCK
1990 Opened FA factory in Hosoe, Hamamatsu
1991 Launched enclosure cooler BOXAIRCON
Launched electric brake OBJ Brake
Launched insulation cover for metric screw terminals BISCAP
1992 Launched positioning controller PS series
Launched thermoelectric dehumidifier BOXDRY
1994 Launched thermoelectric cooler BOXCOOL
1995 Established OHM DENKI (THAILAND) LTD.
Opened Kanto Office in Yokohama
1996 Launched oil mist collector MISTCATCH
1998 Launched liquidtight junction box JOIBOX
1999 Increased capital to JPY 98 MIL
Opened Technical Center and Environment Center in Hosoe, Hamamatsu
Relocated head office to Hosoe, Hamamatsu
2003 Launched rechargeable oil skimmer JET SKIMMER
2004 Obtained ISO14001 Certification
Opened Fukuoka Office
2005 Launched compact dust collector DUSTCUBE
Launched filterless dust collector AQUACUBE
Launched Clean Booth System
Obtained ISO13485 Certification
2006 Japan Science and Technology Agency adopted out R&D of multiphase flowmeter as innovative technology research project
Launched enclosure cooler COOLCABI
2008 Launched contsant temp. water circulator BOXCHILLER
2009 Launched drain evaporator EVAPRO
Launched connector holder CC HOLDER
2011 Launched Water-cooled Heat Exchanger AQUACABI
Launched fan filter unit CLEAN CUBE
Launched Air Bubble Sensor
2012 Launched Liquid Quality Sensor
2013 Launched CAPCON Splittable type OA-WH series
2015 Launched self-winding filter KURUKURU Filter
2016 Launched Joint box JOICOVER for indoor wiring
Launched COOLCABI Non-fluorocarbon Series
Received Environment Ministry’s Award 2016 for global warming prevention activity
OHM Denki (Thailand) started local production of oil mist collector
2017 Received Jury’s Special Award for the 20th Ozone Conservation/Global Warming Prevention Award
Launched CAPCON wide range type OA-WW series