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Environmental solution-DUST

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For General Environments High volume type Laser marker use OSK-ACC

Suitable for laser markers of short time operation and low viscosity fumes
in general environments



Environment of use Type Specifications
General High volume Laser marker use Deodorant Operation panel *1 Remote operation *2 Quick detachable flange



Quick Selection

To find out the required capacity, simply enter the information on your use environment.


Model OSK-060ACC-AT3
Max. air volume 2.8 m3/min
Max. static pressure 2.5 kPa
Collection efficiency Min.99% (for 0.3μm or larger particles)
Rated voltage (50/60Hz) Single phase, 100VAC
Rated current 2.3 A
Working temperature 0 to +40℃
Working humidity 80%RH or less, free from condensation
Noise 61 dB(A)
Max. suction air temperature +40℃
Conformity to standard Environmental standard RoHS2
Weight 15.8 kg
  • Supply voltage should be as specified above with permissible fluctuations of 10%.



①Primary filter (Pre-filter)
Pleated polypropylene filter is in a cassette. Disposable and easy to replace.
Particles suctioned into DUST CUBE are enlarged by collision cushioning to be captured by this filter.

②Secondary filter (Active carbon filter)
Captures fine particles that passed through the Primary filter as well as deodorizing them in the granular activated carbon.

③Tertiary filter (High performance filter)
Fine dust generated from the Active carbon filter and the particles uncollected in the Secondary filter are captured here to exhaust purified air. This filter also works for preventing the carbon dust from entering into the blower side.

Operation panel


Remote control

By connecting an optional remote cable, remote operation is enabled.


Remote cable entry
on dust collector side

・ON/OFF switching
・ON/OFF switching
・Change of capacity level
・Enables to output the signals of operation pressure, filter clogging, operation and abnormality

  1. Operation input signal 
  2. Operation pressure output signal (1-5 VDC)
  3. Filter clogging output signal
  4. Remote operation input signal
  5. Operation output signal 
  6. Abnormality output signal
  7. Capacity level change input signal (0.6-5 VDC)
  8. GND

Product lineup

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Max. air volume

2.8 m3/min

Max. static pressure

2.5 kPa 

A complete set of supply

DUST CUBE : 1 unit Power cable : 3m long Instruction manal : 1 copy

Performance curve


Dimensional drawing


Maintenance parts


Primary Secondary Tertiary
Filter name High performance filter Active carbon cassette High performance filter
Part number CHF-2222-40 ACC-2525-75ST CHF-2525-50
Collection rate Min. 80% for 45μm - Min. 99% for 0.3μm
Dimensions H220×W220, 40 thick H250×W250, 75 thick H250×W250, 50 thick
Frame material Cardboard SPCC ABS
Filter material Polypropylene Granular active carbon Polypropylene
Q'ty per package 1 pc.


Remote cable Length
RC-03M 3 m
RC-05M 5 m
Detachable flange Duct diameter
FRJ-D-38-35-108 Ø38
FRJ-D-50-35-108 Ø50


・DUST CUBE is designed for inhaling common dust or odor. Never use this product for inhaling the following substances.
 - Flammable substances including gasoline, thinner, benzine, kerosene and organic solvent.
 - Explosive substances such as aluminium, magnesium, titanium, zinc or epoxy as well as materials ridden with those substances
 - Dusts containing sparks generated by high-speed cutter, grinder or other machinery
 - Cigarette smoke, and
 - Liquid like water, oil and chemicals

・Do not use this product in a place where flammable or corrosive gasses or any matters that can destroy insulation generate or permeate.
・This product is for indoor use only.
・The site of use should be free from vibration and impact.
・Make sure that the packaging is not damaged on delivery and contact your supplier, if any.