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Environmental solution-DUST

Common option

Remote cable


Part number Length Applicable products
RC-03M 3m All models
RC-05M 5m

Detachable flange


Part number Duct diameter Applicable products
FRJ-D-38-35-92 Ø38 ODU-080HC-AT3、ODU-080HP-AT3
FRJ-D-50-35-92 Ø50
FRJ-D-65-35-92 Ø65
FRJ-D-38-35-108 Ø38 ODU-1200HP-AT2/AT3
FRJ-D-50-35-108 Ø50
FRJ-D-65-35-108 Ø65
FRJ-D-75-35-108 Ø75
FRJ-D-50-37-139 Ø50 ODU-450HC-AT3
FRJ-D-75-37-139 Ø75

Fastening band


Part number Specifications
ABA-25 SUS fastening band for Ø25 : 1 pc.
SY-38 SUS fastening band for Ø38 : 1 pc.
SY-50 SUS fastening band for Ø50 : 1 pc.
SY-65 SUS fastening band for Ø65 : 1 pc.
SY-75 SUS fastening band for Ø75 : 1 pc.
SY-100 SUS fastening band for Ø100 : 1 pc.
SY-125 SUS fastening band for Ø125 : 1 pc.
SY-75SS Steel fastening band for Ø75 : 1 pc.
SY-100SS Steel fastening band for Ø100 : 1 pc.
SY-125SS Steel fastening band for Ø125 : 1 pc.

Duct hose


*Manufactured by TOTAKU INDUSTRIES, INC.
Part number Hose diameter Specifications
Length : 1m Length : 2m
TACSD-25-1 TACSD-25-2 Ø25 Antistatic Ø25 TAC duct AS Ø25
TACAS-38-1 TACAS-38-2 Ø38 Ø38 TAC duct AS Ø38
TACAS-50-1 TACAS-50-2 Ø50 Ø50 TAC duct AS Ø50
TACAS-65-1 TACAS-65-2 Ø65 Ø65 TAC duct AS Ø65
TACAS-75-1 TACAS-75-2 Ø75 Ø75 TAC duct AS Ø75
TACAS-100-1 TACAS-100-2 Ø100 Ø100 TAC duct AS Ø100
TACAS-125-1 TACAS-125-2 Ø125 Ø125 TAC duct AS Ø125
TAC65-1 TAC65-2 Ø65(±30%) Rigid Ø65(±30%) TAC Rigid duct Ø65
TAC75-1 TAC75-2 Ø75(±30%) Ø75(±30%) TAC Rigid duct Ø75
TAC100-1 TAC100-2 Ø100(±30%) Ø100(±30%) TAC Rigid duct Ø100
TAC125-1 TAC125-2 Ø125(±30%) Ø125(±30%) TAC Rigid duct Ø125