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Specifications change

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Cable holder CC Holder for Robots CH-TM

June 13, 2022

We would like to inform you of specification change of the above product as described below.

Affected product

Cable holder for robots CC Holder
  • CH-TM1
  • CH-TM2
  • CH-TM3

Description of change

  • Material of non-slip packing changed

  • Non-slip packing is supplied as an accessory not being pre-attached to the product body

Affix a Non-slip packing to fit the concaved part of the bottom as necessary.
*CC Holder serves as a cable holder without Non-slip packing.

Schedule for change

Starting from production in June 20, 2022


There is no change in price.
For further details, please contact us.
* The contents of this article are as of June 2022.