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Specifications change

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Attach eyebolt to Oil mist collector MISTCATCH Filter type

April 8, 2021

We would like to inform you of an upcoming change to the above product attaching an eyebolt for hanging to improve convenience during transportation and workers’ safety.

Affected product

Oil mist collector "MISTCATCH" Filter type

Description of change

・Eyebolt is attached to the main body
 of the product

・Height in dimensional drawing becomes
 45mm higher than the current product 

Schedule of change

From the production in May, 2021


・For the model OMC-F120A , eye bolt to hang is originally attached.
・Part number, packing material and unit price do not change.
・The shipping time will change depending on the stock status of the current model.
 (The newly revised items will NOT be available for replacement with products purchased previously.)
For further details, please contact us at info@ohm.co.jp.
The contents of this article are as of April 2021.