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Specifications change

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Packing and sales unit change for JB-W series, Low profile

January 18, 2021

OHM announces an upcoming change to the following products regarding packing and sales unit.

Affected product

Liquidtight junction box JOIBOX, Low profile
・JB-WS303 / JB-WS303C1 / JB-WS303BJ / JB-WS303E / JB-WS303EBJ
・JB-WS304 / JB-WS304C1 / JB-WS304BJ / JB-WS304E / JB-WS304EBJ

Description of change

・Packing and quantity per package 10 pcs → 1 pc.
Before change

Sales unit:10 pcs

After change

Sales unit:1 pc.

Sales price


Schedule for change

Starting from April 2021 orders


Orders made by the end of March 2021 will be in units of 10 pieces but it may be packed in 1 piece depending on the production time of each model.

For further details, please contact us at info@ohm.co.jp.
The contents of this article are as of January 2021.