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Action plan for compliance with RoHS2 (10 substances)

Directive 2015/863 was published on June 4, 2015 by EU aiming at restriction of hazardous substances which is known as "RoHS2" contained in electric and electronic devices. Four phthalates of DEHP, BBP, DBP and DIBP are to be added to the original six substances effective as of July 22, 2019. The newly added substances are widely used in Japan including our products. We will take necessary actions to comply with regulations by "RoHS2" as described below.

Conformity determination

The restricted substances regulated by the revised RoHS Directive [2011/65/EU and (EU)2015/863] are not intentionally contained except for the use exempted from restriction.
*Special note : In case it is believed that the substances are not intentionally contained, unable to predict technically, or found that the amount of content is too small to detect by the the survey report on chemical substance content for a on-market products, we deem it as ”Not Contained" in our implementation.

Affected products

Wiring accessories, Climate control equipment, Thermoelectric equipment and Environmental equipment

Time schedule

Starting from the production in January 2017


Change the marking from "RoHS" to "RoHS2"


  • Products currently conforming to the restriction of 6 substances are to be changed to conform to the restriction of 10 substances.
  • Models, performances and prices are not changed.
  • Marking will be changed from the conforming products produced in and after January 2017.
  • We are unable to accept any request for exchange or return of goods in your stock.

Product transition list (as of February 28, 2023)

Wiring accessories

Climate control equipment, Thermoelectric equipment and Environmental equipment

Note: Actual shipment time of each product may differ from the dates in the lists depending on the stock status.