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Announcement of an Employee Infected with COVID-19

August 23, 2021

One employee working for Hosoe head office in OHM was confirmed to be infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) on Friday, August 20th.
The employee developed symptoms suspected of being infected on Monday, August 16th, and after that, a PCR test was conducted at a medical institution, and the infection was found on Friday, August 20th.
As a result of investigating the behavior history and working conditions of the employee, no close contacts within our company were found.

In addition, the disinfection work for the entire factory including the workplace where the employee was working has already been completed, and there is no problem with the employees and production of the factory.
We gravely accept this matter seriously, take measures, and continue to strive to prevent infection and spread.
Your kind understanding is much appreciated.

Yoshiro Tozuka, President
OHM Electric Co., Ltd.