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Enclosure cooler COOLCABI New version

Release on Oct. 15, 2021

Enclosure cooler "COOLCABI" Non-fluorocarbon series Standard type

We are happy to announce the upcoming launch of new models or our COOLCABI that meet wide supply voltages and global usage with a communication function enabling working of IoT.

  • For global usage: Qualification processes for marking CE, UL and CCC are ongoing (to be completed in Spring 2022)
  • For expanding lineup: Condensate-free models will join the lineup in December 2021
  • End of sale of the existing models: September 2022


Type of mounting Current model New model Cooling capacity (W)*
Lateral mounting OCA-H300BC-A200 OCA-H300BC-AW2 250/300
OCA-H600BC-A200 OCA-H600BC-AW2 500/610
OCA-H1000BC-A200 OCA-H1000BC-AW2 800/1000
OCA-H1600BC-A200 OCA-H1600BC-AW2 1450/1600
OCA-H2200BC-A200 OCA-H2200BC-AW2 2000/2200
OCA-H2900BC-A200 OCA-H2900BC-AW2 2600/2900
Roof mounting OCA-H300AC-A200 OCA-H300AC-AW2 300/350
OCA-H700AC-A200 OCA-H700AC-AW2 600/700
OCA-H1100AC-A200 OCA-H1100AC-AW2 950/1100
OCA-H1700AC-A200 OCA-H1700AC-AW2 1550/1700
OCA-H2300AC-A200 OCA-H2300AC-AW2 2100/2300
OCA-H3000AC-A200 OCA-H3000AC-AW2 2700/3000
Remark (*): Nominal values when the temperatures both inside and outside enclosure are 35℃

Major specifications

  • Rated voltage: 200 to 240 VAC, 50/60Gz
  • Communication function: RS485 (Modbus/RTU)

  • The new models are equivalent to current models in cooling capacity and outline dimensions. Panel cutout sizes are unchanged.

Launch date

Friday, October 15th, 2021

For further details please contact us at info-cs@ohm.jp.

*The contents of this article are as of August, 2021.