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Outdoor enclosure cooler "BOXAIRCON"

June 10, 2019

OHM announces the end-of-sale of BOXAIRCON model OCA-1000BE-100V due to decline in sales and difficulty in stable procurement of its components. We would like to thank you for your past usage and look forward to continuing to serve your business needs in the future.

Affected product

Outdoor enclosure cooler "BOXAIRCON"

Affected model


End-of-Sale date

As soon as present stock has run out


Consult us or your supplier

End of support

End of June 2026 (including optional parts)
* Please note that we may be unable to offer servicing before above date if necessary components become unavailable.


For further details, please contact us at info@ohm.co.jp.
*The contents of this article are as of June 2019.