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Climate control equipment

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Standard series Standard type Roof mounting

Rich lineup in roof mounting.

COOLCABI スタンダードシリーズ


Type of mounting Environment Cooling method Functions
Duct kit (Option) Adjustable louver (Accessory) Indoor Compressor Energy-saving mode Display



Quick Selection


Model OCA-S300AC-A100
Type of mounting Roof mounting
Cooing capacity *1 300/350W
Rated voltage(50/60Hz) Single phase 100VAC
Current consumption *2 Rated 2.9/2.6A
Max. 3.3/3.1A
Starting current 7.1/6.6A
Power consumption *2 Rated 245/255W
Max. 300/305W
Comp. motor output 100W
Working temperature *3 +20 to+50℃
Working humidity Not exceeding 85%RH, free from condensation
Noise(Charactristic A) 61dB(A)
Temp. setting range *3 +30 to+45℃ (Initial setting +35℃)
Display Innter temperature/Alarm code/Operation lamp/Alarm lamp
Functions Off-temperature alarm, Detection of abnormal heat dissipation, Detection of temperature sensor disconnection, Maintenance reminder,Forced cooling operation for inspection, Detection of drain overflows, Detection of evaporator ice-up
External output Alarm output 1a 240V 1.5A×2(COMMON)
Vibration withstand Vibration frequency 10 to 150Hz, Acceleration 1.0G, Sweep cycle 20 times
Protection category *4 Internal circuit IP54 equivalent
Conformity to standards EMC Directive EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4 complaint
LV directive EN60335-1, EN60335-2-40, EN62233
Environment RoHS2
Refrigerant R134a(135g)
GWP*5 1430
Color Beige(5Y7/1 corresponding)
Dimensions(mm) W450×H230×D250
Weight 16.0kg
*1 Nominal value when both of internal and external temperatures are +35℃.
*2 Nominal values at 35℃ temperature both inside and outside are indicated in “Rated” and values at 50℃ outside and 35℃ inside are indicated in “Max”.
*3 Use only within the specified temperature range.
*4 Except drain pipe
*5 By IPCC 5th Report 2013

Product lineup



Cooling capacity


A complete set of supply

●COOLCABI:1 pc ●Fixing bolt:4 pcs ●Washer:4 pcs ●Spring washer:4 pcs 
●Nut:4 pcs ●Drain hose:1 pc(5m) ●L joint:2 pcs ●Terminal board:1 pc
●Packing:1 pc ●Alarm explanation sheet:1 sheet ●Instruction manual:1 copy

Consumable parts

Replacement fan Replacement filter
Internal fan model FM-11938P-A100-00 CF-S1
External fan model FM-15038M-A100-00

Performance diagram


Dimensional drawing


Mounting cutout


Option/Related products

Adjustable louver set

Cool air is directly blown to the heat source to prevent local temperature rise as well as creating uniform temperature in the enclosure.

Duct kit

Use of Duct kit allows cooling from a separately-placed COOLCABI.

Drain evaporator

Free from troublesome drain treatment and no more drain worrying about drainage problem.


・Locate the unit so as to assure good ventilation and distance of at least 200mm from the walls or other units.
・Failure to this may degrade cooling performance of the unit and cause condensation.
・Setting temperature should be basically at 35℃. Avoid setting at an unnecessarily low value.
・Electrical connection should be made via appropriate circuit breakers.
・Do not use this product in the following places.
 --A place where corrosive or flammable gases exist in the air, or where the insulation destruction occurs
 --A place where the product may be subject to shock or vibration.
・Make sure that electrical wiring work is done by qualified electrician.
・Check for damage on packaging when the product is delivered.
・Any packaging damage may be a cause of malfunction. Make sure that the packaging is not damaged on delivery and contact your supplier.
・Disposal of refrigerant and oil sealed in the cooling circuit should be dealt with only by professional services.