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Specifications change

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Compact dust collector DUSTCUBE ODU-450HC-AT3

November 16, 2021

OHM announces of an upcoming change to the above product to facilitate component commonality

Affected product

Compact dust collector "DUSTCUBE"

Please see here for further details → ODU-450HC-AT3

Description of change

Material: Steel (painted)  Fixed by screws

Material: Steel (painted)  Detachable

Schedule for change

Starting from December 2021 as soon as present stock has run out

Option - Reducer flange

Along with the specification change of this time, optional reducer flanges are released.
Model Duct diameter Sales unit
FRJ-D-50-37-139 Ø 50 1 pc.
FRJ-D-75-37-139 Ø 75


Switchover time will differ by model depending on each stock condition.
For further details, please contact us at info-cs@ohm.co.jp.
The contents of this article are as of November 2021.