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Specifications change

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Front cover - Dust collector DUSTCUBE AT3 models

July 06, 2020

We would like to inform you of the specification change to the above product.
Your understanding and continued business are highly appreciated.

Affected products and description of change

With renewal of plastic molds, the front covers of all 7 models in the following table are changed for improvement of strength, pressure detection accuracy and serviceability.
Use environment/Type Model Description of change
Clean room
High volume type
ODU-080HC-AT3 Front cover
ODU-450HC-AT3 Front cover
Noise level: 70db→65db
Weight: 30kg→29kg
Clean room
High pressure type
ODU-080HP-AT3 Front cover
Positions of external pressure detector and remote connector
ODU-1200HP-AT3 Front cover
Position of power switch
Clean room
High pressure type
Laser marker use
ODU-080DSA-AT3 Front cover
Positions of external pressure detector
Weight: 22kg → 22.2kg
ODU-1000DSA-AT3 Front cover
Positions of power switch and outlet plug
General environment
High volume type
Laser marker use
OSK-060ACC-AT3 Front cover
Lid structure
Design and color of main unit
Weight: 18kg → 15.8kg

Schedule for change

Starting from September 2020 as soon as present stock has run out
*It may happen that the existing products and new ones will be shipped together during at the beginning period of switching over.


・There is no change in models and prices.
・Switchover time differs by model depending on each stock condition.

For further details, please contact us.
* The contents of this article are as of July 2020.