Homediscontinued/2014/09/25 Oil Mist Collector “MIST CATCH” OMC-12A

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2014/09/25 Oil Mist Collector “MIST CATCH” OMC-12A

We would like anounce that the Oil Mist Collector “MIST CATCH” OMC-12A is scheduled to be discontinued.

OMC-12A has long been loved by many customers over many years. However, since the succession model of OMC-N2 series was launched, it has been switched to OMC-N2 series and we have decided to discontinue this product. Your understanind is very much apprecited.

We hope your continuous support to our oil mist collector MISTCATCH.

  1. Discontinued product
    • Oil Mist Collector “MIST CATCH”
  2. Discontinued Model
    Model Model
    Oil Mist Collector “MIST CATCH” OMC-12A
    Vane unit for OMC-12A OMC-126-2
    Mounting legt for OMC-12A OMC-124-1
    U-ductt for OMC-12A OMC-120-1
    Motort for OMC-12A OMC-M02
    • ※Including customized products.
  3. Alternatives : OMC-N2 Series
  4. Order deadline : End of March 2015
    ※The sale will end if all the stock runs out.
  5. Service and sale of consumable parts deadline : End of March 2020
    ※Please be aware that we may unable to accept servicing in case the necessary components become unavailable before the above date.

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