Homediscontinued/2014/02/20 Dust sensor

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2014/02/20 Dust sensor

We would like anounce that theDust sensor and its peripheral equipment are scheduled to be discontinued.

These products have been well accepted for long, however, the circumstances surrounding production including discontinuance or unavailability of core parts have made us difficult to continue production of them.

We sincerely hope your understanding.

  1. Discontinued products
    • Dust sensor
  2. Discontinued Model
    • APHKR-V1(10μm)
    • APHKR-V2(1μm)
    • APHKR-10CH(Dust monitoring software)
    • Other parts concerned
  3. Alternatives : Regrettably, there are no alternatives for the above.
  4. Service and sale of consumable parts deadline: End of February 2019
    ※Please be aware that we may unable to accept servicing in case the necessary components become unavailable before the above date.





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